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Ascendus Digital Media Core Values

Yes, we do Facebook Ads. We also do Instagram and YouTube Ads. But businesses forget that paid ads are not marketing. Paid ads are a marketing channel that will supplement a holistic marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling products to the mass market or impacting the lives of your clients, one person at a time. We use our expertise in holistic online marketing to help you grow your business and share your message with your dream clients.

If you know that your business can truly make an impact in the world, but you feel like paid ads are the reason you’re stuck… that you can’t grow and scale… then we have the solution so your business can finally unfold its true potential.


Our Objective

Our goal is to help heart-centered health & wellness experts to share their message even further and make an impact on the world.

Health & wellness are topics that will be even more important in the years to come. Not only have the recent years shown that people value their health more than anything, it has also intensified a trend towards working from home and connecting with friends, family and businesses online.

Our Core Values

Impacting people’s lifestyle choices through online advertising is a powerful tool. A tool that can also bring risks with it. That’s why we only partner with health & wellness experts who share our core business values.

  • We believe that the internet can be a judgement-free, kind and respectful place.
  • We believe that the human always comes first - we treat our clients like friends.
  • We believe that short-term sacrifices will lead to long-lasting loyalty.
  • We believe that the main goal of every business has to be profitability, and we aim to reach this goal with our strategies.
  • We believe that systems, structure and processes rule the world.
  • We believe in constant development and learning - we always provide the best possible service with the latest, proven strategies.
  • We believe that the mental and physical health of our employees and our clients are more important than any business endeavor.

Our Customer Avatar

The Ascendus Digital Media Dream Client shares all the core values above. If you have a proven sales funnel and offer that generates consistent $10k months, then we need to talk.

We partner with heart-centered health & wellness experts who want to grow their business online and scale their impact on the world!

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