What Our Clients Say
About Ascendus Digital

Spencer Boyd
Personal Trainer

Michi helped me tremendously with my Facebook and Instagram marketing... this has increased my leads and my income!

I want to take my business to the next level.

Marco Schulz
Health Food Business Owner

I'm so happy I found Michi. He supports us with strategies, Facebook Ads, and the best thing is, he's alwas available and 100% customer focused!

Let's talk about your marketing strategy.

Leanne Wiese
Personal Trainer

...he gave me some great insight on where I can take my business in the future! I absolutely need his expertise in building a funnel and attracting my ideal client.

Set up a call with us.

John Mayo
Online Fitness Coach

Before I met Michi I didn't really know what a funnel was or why I should be interested in having one. After we met I had a perfectly clear understanding why I need a funnel in my business!

Let's chat about your business.