Target And Convert Your Ideal Customer.

Our Digital Marketing Services will help your business increase sales, return on investments, and awareness.

10X Your Average Customer Order Value (Sales):

High-converting sales funnel will present your best-selling products in the right spot. This way they create an irresistible offer for your customer and multiple products added to the cart for you.

Lower Client Acqusition Costs (Return on Investment):

Get more bang for your buck. With laser-focused targeting your advertising, remarketing and messenger or email campaigns will get more cost-efficient and result-effective.

Build Your Own Customer Sales Force (Raving Fans):

After your customers bought from you once, they won't stop buying (unless you offend them). We nurture this new relationship with engaging content in Facebook groups and messenger or email campaigns - with no new acquisition costs.


Ascendus Digital Advertising Services
Reach Your Ideal Customer On The Main Social Media Platforms


Ascendus Digital Funnel Services Whatever Business You're In, There Is A Funnel For You. And We Will Build It.

Do you want a sales person that sells your products all day, every day? That never complains, asks for a raise or takes a break?

Traditional websites usually work like this: they are kinda like a salesperson you hired, standing outside of your store and handing out brochures or flyers to potential customers. And then? They step back and pray that the customer will come inside and buy.

Let me ask you a question...

Would you fire this salesperson?

And that's why your business needs funnels in place. Funnels are the key to 10X your company in the next 12 months. If you go all in...



How Working With Ascendus Digital Looks Like

Auditing Your Existing Strategy

You'll be assigned to one of our experienced digital marketing experts. He will thoroughly scan your business and your existing digital marketing strategies top to bottom to find areas and elements we should leverage more and weak spots we need to eliminate.

Developing Your Individual Digital Marketing Plan

Based on the initial audit, further audience analysis and market research, your digital marketing expert and our team will develop a digital marketing plan, specific to your business, including the 3 step lead conversion system.

Funnel Building & Campaign Creation

Once you agree to the digital marketing plan, our team will start executing and building the offers, sales funnels and advertising campaigns. For quality assurance and brand compliance you'll have the opportunity to review every step of the digital marketing plan.

Optimization & Reporting

The digital marketing services of Ascendus Digital include daily monitoring of campaign performance and, based on that, optimization of the campaigns. Your digital marketing expert will also prepare a monthly report on funnel and advertising campaign performance for you to review.

Communication, Consultation & Advice

You will be able to reach out to your digital marketing expert daily via email, WhatsApp or schedule a biweekly video call to discuss progess, performance, ideas or results.


Why Working With Ascendus Digital Makes Sense
We Take Pride In Our Focus