What Ascendus Digital
Can Do For You

Although our services are listed separately, our agency works on a holistic basis. All services include our expertise, strategy, and skill set, for every aspect of your project. Our agency works with experienced and talented copywriters as well as successful marketing and advertising experts. Ascendus Digital Media also has proven results with various international clients for social media advertising campaigns, product and course launches, and sales funnel creation.

Online Advertising
Media Buying

If you are looking to leverage the power of paid online and social media advertising to generate revenue inside your business, drive traffic to your offers, or simply increase your brand awareness online, this option might be what you need.

We will run a detailed audit of your existing advertising accounts, campaigns, and strategies, and develop a clear and concise advertising strategy, based on your goals, your audience, your offers, and your business strategy.

We will turn your existing assets and creatives into curiosity peeking ads and pair them with high-quality sales copy. You will be up-to-speed along the way as we will provide you with weekly performance reports on the most important KPI's.

Sales Funnel

Alongside with our team of experts, we will produce landing pages for opt-ins, sales pages, long and short form copy for your offers, email on-boarding and indoctrination sequences, thank you pages, and so much more.

High-Converting Copy: With attention-grabbing copy, your customers will stay on your pages longer. We will adjust the copy to your and your business' natural voice, make you look good, without sounding salesy!

Branded Funnel Design: Our team will design beautiful sales and landing pages that match your brand and look highly personalized. The funnels will be optimized to look amazing on desktop and on mobile devices to keep those eyes on the page.

Email Follow-Up Sequences: Once your customers opt-in to your offer, the key is to keep them engaged, even after the purchase is made. We will create follow-up, on-boarding, and indoctrination sequences to bring your customer back into your funnel, or ascend them to the next step of your value ladder.

Strategy & Training

Sometimes, all you and your business need is some guidance...

We will work cloesely with your team and either train you or your team on the most up-to-date standards in online marketing:

Planning your launch, write copy, strategy and advertising, assess current systems, create new opportunities for leads, analyze your current website, funnels, sales pages, and social media platforms, or design new systems and workflows.

All this happens either in-house or online, depending on the circumstances.


What working with Ascendus Digital looks like