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The Paid Ads Launch Pad coaching program will give you the knowledge and skills
to attract new clients to your programs and courses without wasting money on bad leads.


Running Facebook & Instagram Ads Yourself Can Be Frustrating

Raise your hand if you’ve been dealing with…

  • “Bad” leads - the ones who don’t open your emails and aren’t even interested in working with you.
  • The struggle to keep up cash flow and finding new clients.
  • Targeting your ideal clients.
  • Extreme volatility in your campaign results, especially after the latest privacy updates.
  • Rejected ads, disabled accounts, and you have no idea what happened.
  • Spending hours every day trying to optimize your campaigns without success.
  • Finding the right copy and creatives that attract your dream clients.

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around on the internet when it comes to Facebook Ads.

We believe that entrepreneurs need to focus back on the basics - building relationships with their dream clients through relevant messaging.

How We Help You Become The Best Media Buyer For Your Business

Especially in the beginning stages of your business, you will wear the advertising hat the majority of the time.

Build your confidence by learning the foundational skills to run successful Facebook Ads BEFORE outsourcing to an agency or freelancer. Implement our proven advertising frameworks & systems in the self-paced training course with hands-on support on our weekly coaching calls.

  • Attract your dream clients ONLY with the Magnetic Ads Framework.
  • Optimize your campaigns with the QRP Model.
  • Never have your ads rejected again with SOS Recovery Resources.
  • Address your dream clients right where they are in their customer journey with Awareness-Based Advertising.
  • Keep track of your campaign performance with reporting and optimization templates.
  • Overcome roadblocks quickly with weekly coaching calls.
  • Connect with a value-centered network of successful health and wellness experts.

Eliminate The Facebook Ads Overwhelm

Your business might not be ready to (or you simply don’t want to) hire an agency and outsource your media buying. But with the Ascendus Digital consulting program it sure feels like you do.

What Current Clients & Students Are Saying About Ascendus Digital

Learn how our past and current clients grew their businesses with the help of Ascendus Digital's and Michael Hoffmann's services and coaching...

Michael is really detail-oriented. He wanted to understand what my goals are, and was hands-on in the process. I can't recommend him enough!

Dr. Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz - Wild Lemon Health

I was hoping to come out of that first launch breaking even, but to come out & exceed the income goal was like, wow, what more could you ask for!

Sarah Blocksidge - Positive Happy Me

I was told I should expect up to $7 a lead. But after working with Michael, I was getting leads that averaged between $0.80 to $3.

Carly Cooper - Carly Cooper Mindset Coaching

Michael is so knowledgable and has so much expertise, he can help absolutely anyone who wants to move in the online business direction.

Leanne Wiese - Wiese Moves

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