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Do You Sometimes Feel YouTube Ads Aren't The Right Marketing Channel For Your Business?

Harness the reach of the world’s second-largest search engine as a perfect integration into our 5C Advertising System.

Your Audience Is Already Searching For Your Offering


Did you know that YouTube is the largest search engine in the world after Google? The chances are relatively high that your ideal customers are already searching for a solution to their problem.

Coaches and entrepreneurs often rely on their Facebook and Instagram Ads to reach their target audience. However, an essential part of our 5C Advertising System, which we have developed over the past 6 years, is to cast a wide net of different campaigns across various platforms—and YouTube Ads are our top choice!

With the help of YouTube’s (and therefore Google’s) advanced targeting capabilities, we can help you reach customers that you would not typically reach. And as our experience shows, these target audiences are often more cost-effective, of higher quality, and have more purchasing power than users on other platforms, as they already have an interest in your offering—they just don’t know it yet. And that’s your opportunity!

“We have been working with Michael for 5 years now, and he supports us both with Facebook ads and strategic matters. He is completely customer-oriented, and it’s a lot of fun to plan and successfully implement strategic topics.”

Marco Schulz

Sauer macht gluecklich

The Process Of Our 5C Adertising Strategy

Step 1 - Cast

In the first step, we cast a wide net to raise awareness among as many potential customers as possible about the problem your offering solves. Through relevant ads and ad copy (including on YouTube), we attract your ideal customers while keeping irrelevant traffic away from your ads.

Step 2 - Collect

Using the YouTube pixel, we collect cold traffic and present the solution to their problem—your offering—to those who have already shown interest. For those who are not yet ready to take the next step, we can reach them through other means.

Step 3 - Convert

Depending on the structure of your offering, we repeat Step 2 until the prospect becomes a customer. But don’t worry, we ensure that you stay informed by planning and implementing your campaigns in an organized manner.

Step 4 - Cease

To further reduce your advertising costs, we utilize specific target audiences to avoid re-engaging prospects who have already completed the desired conversion with the same ads.

Step 5 - Clone

The 5C Advertising System is a cycle: We leverage the insights gained from the previous steps to continuously optimize our system. Using the latest technology and algorithms, we can create new target audiences that align even more precisely with your requirements.

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What Happy Customers Say About Ascendus and the 5C Advertising System


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Nadine & Gregor Dorsch

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“Since Michael has been handling our Facebook and YouTube advertising, our appointments have been effortlessly filling up our calendars. I have never seen anyone with every campaign producing a minimum ROAS of 2.5; it’s incredible!”


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Dr. Antonella Aguilera-Ruiz

Wild Lemon Health

“Michael is so detail-oriented and genuinely interested in my goals for these campaigns. My email list has grown from 400 to over 1,500 since then.”

Our Services Include:

Audience and Keyword Research

With our experience in various industries, we identify target audiences, keywords, and search terms that align with your offering and ideal customer profile.

Tracking Integration

We ensure proper integration of the Google Ads tag and associated conversion events to make your success measurable.

Video Script Design

Using our ‘Magnetic Ads Framework,’ we create video scripts tailored to your customer profile, offering, and desired goals.

Comprehensive Monitoring

We track the performance and success of your ads daily in our live dashboard.

Ongoing Optimization

Our team works multiple times per week to maximize the potential of your campaigns. Ads that drain your budget have no chance with us.

In-depth Consultation

You receive complimentary guidance on your offering and sales funnel. We provide feedback on which levers need to be adjusted for increased conversions.

About Your Partner

Michael Hoffmann is the founder of Ascendus Digital and a former professional athlete. With the support of his team, he personally takes care of your campaigns and communication with you. With over 10 years of experience in online marketing, he is ready to assist you and your business with advice and hands-on support. Here, the work comes directly from the boss, not an intern.

Reach Your Ideal Audience With a Turnkey Guide

With the 5C Advertising System, you not only reach your ideal customers with Facebook and Instagram Ads but also scale your business reliably and optimize your targeting for new customers with actionable and proven strategies.

Still Got Questions? We Have Answers!

What sets Ascendus Digital apart from other advertising agencies?

Our advertising system has one goal: to generate more revenue with maximum profit! While other agencies lure with reach and impressions, we focus solely on conversions – but only at a price that guarantees profitability. This principle allows us to implement our customized 5C advertising system for each client, amplify strengths, and fill existing gaps in marketing to the best extent possible.

Who are your clients?

In the past, we have achieved excellent results with coaches and experts focused on lead generation, webinars, and information products (online courses, etc.), as well as with large companies pursuing a mix of e-commerce and information products.

How does the collaboration process work?

The easiest way is to book a free discovery call with us to see if our companies are a good fit. If we decide to work together, the next step would be a kick-off call where we discuss your business structures, existing marketing, and product offerings in detail, as well as set up all the necessary access. Based on that, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current marketing and product offerings (known as an “audit”) to identify the key areas where we can take your business to the next level. Over the next 90 days (which is the minimum duration of our collaboration), we implement our advertising system in your business. Why 90 days? Our system requires time, patience, and work to deliver the expected results, and 90 days is the average timeframe where we have seen the best results in the past.

What’s the cost of collaborating?

Our fees are based on the recommendations from the initial audit. This can vary for each client, depending on their individual requirements and existing advertising budget. No, we are not the cheapest agency on the market. But yes, we are worth every penny.

Who takes care of ad copy, images, and other creative assets?

A valid question that we are frequently asked – for good reason. One of the most important but also most challenging aspects of advertising is developing new and creative ideas. Fortunately, here at Ascendus Digital, we work with experts who create texts, video scripts, images, and graphics. We use systems to not only generate new concepts but also adapt and re-implement successful ideas. This way, we never run out of ideas.

What about tracking? Does Ascendus Digital have an expert for the Facebook Pixel and other tracking methods?

Due to new privacy regulations, tracking performance has become one of the most challenging parts of paid advertising. The ability to reliably measure the impact of your ads is crucial to the success of your campaigns. Ascendus Digital works with experts who take care of setting up all the necessary pixels, tags, and other tracking methods in compliance with regulations right from the start. Monitoring tracking and responding in real-time to any issues that may arise is also part of our daily campaign optimization process.

Is my company big enough to work with Ascendus Digital?

Here at Ascendus Digital, we work with a wide range of companies, with larger companies having larger advertising budgets typically seeing the best results. However, to provide a personalized answer to this question, you can simply book an introductory call with us to see if our companies are a good fit.

How transparent are you? Will I be involved in the decision-making and optimization process?

Unlike other agencies, we treat every client as if they were our only one. When you decide to work with us, you will have a personal contact in Michael Hoffmann, who will take care of your accounts and campaigns. We have bi-weekly calls to discuss ongoing projects and campaign performance, and we provide daily monitoring and reporting of your ads, so you are always informed about what is happening with your budget.

What results can I expect?

The answer to this question depends heavily on the nature of your business, the demand for your offering in your market, your advertising budget, and your willingness to learn and test new strategies, ideas, and concepts. The customers who achieve the greatest success with us are those who have a cooperative mindset. Furthermore, we adhere to the core values of integrity and transparency. While we have seen results typical for various companies and industries in recent years, we never provide guarantees or promise specific outcomes.

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