Episode #33: Navigating Your Gym in a Post-COVID World with Patrick Horsman [Pt. 1]

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If you think back to the past 14 months, were you one of the lucky ones whose business wasn’t impacted by the pandemic? As online entrepreneurs, most of us didn’t have to experience what it feels like to shut down business multiple times, without knowing when you can open doors again.

Today’s guest on the Launch Into Freedom podcast, Patrick Horsman, is the owner of Ironstone Strength & Conditioning, a functional fitness gym in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A total of 3 times he had to shut down his gym due to public health orders. Not an easy time for a business owner, especially when you have to navigate a full team, a customer base and the future of your business.

Patrick is a Personnel Selection Officer in the Canadian Forces and a member of the part-time faculty at Saint Mary’s University.

In this episode, we cover among others:
– How the pandemic has affected Patrick’s business
– How his vision for the gym changed
– The importance of brand and values
– The reasons why Ironstone is not shifting online

This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview series. Check Episode #35 for Part 2

Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:
– Free Resource – Magnetic Facebook Ads Training + Template: https://www.themichaelhoffmann.com/magenticads
– Check out Ironstone Strength & Conditioning on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ironstonestrength/
– Book your free class at Ironstone: https://ironstonestrength.com/
– Contact Ironstone Strength & Conditioning: info@ironstonestrength.com

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