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sell to the masses

Target and convert your ideal customer. With Ascendus Digital.
And the proven 3-step lead conversion system.

Social Media Advertising & Sales Funnel Creation

Ascendus Digital Media

Ascendus Digital is a young, modern and innovative digital marketing agency from Halifax, Nova Scotia, serving health, fitness & wellness companies. We help our clients to spread their message, provide value to their audience and sell to the masses.
We want to make an impact. An impact on the way health and wellness businesses approach their marketing. And therefore an impact on the way how people live their lives. Healthier, more energetic, better!

Working with Ascendus Digital

Target and convert your ideal customer

Take the guesswork out of your digital marketing strategy. Our team of social advertisers and funnel experts will implement the proven 3-step formula for your business to generate leads & sales on autopilot.

Who is Ascendus Digital

Combining focus with experience

Ascendus is a digital marketing agency from Halifax, NS with international clients in the health food market. When you work with us you gain an entire force of sales funnel and social advertising experts.

Workshops with Ascendus Digital

Interactive business training events

Stay on top of digital marketing trends, learn from experts, and get ideas for your marketing strategy. Workshops by Ascendus are a great opportunity to connect with other business owners & entrepreneurs.


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